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Braddah Jiujitsu

One of the 2 seminars we will be hosting at Braddah Jiu Jitsu Artamon on the month of October is fast approaching.

This evening, from 5:30pm we will be hosting the Gutemberg Pereira Seminar. One of the top competitors of the modern era of Jiu Jitsu and one of the main representatives of GFTeam around the world, Berg is an absolute machine and has some serious insides about our beloved Martial Art.

He came over for a training session last night and was asked to show a couple of details from his pressure passing game, and man he had some secrets to share.

In a couple of weeks time we will have one of our good friends and Jiu Jitsu legend Rafael Dallinha from RADA Jiu Jitsu in San Diego / CA.

Rafinha will be here on the 24th of October teaching us all a Free Seminar at Braddah Jiu Jitsu Artarmon.

See you all soon for this evening’s seminar and at your next training session.

Remember, all classes are cancelled this evening apart from the kids classes.


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