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No Gi Jiu Jitsu, also known as grappling, is a without the Gi variation of our BJJ Martial Art program at Braddah JIujitsu. Our No-Gi classes cover all aspects of grappling without the Gi in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment.
Techniques covered include: grips, control holds, escapes, wrestling, take downs, self defence, footwork, locks, and submissions. Required uniform for these classs are Braddah Jiu JItsu grappling shorts, long sleeve rashguard (uniform) and compression pants.

A mouthguard is recommended and headgear can be worn if desired. Braddah Jiujitsu instructors teach the effective use of leverage and balance to overcome bigger opponents. The efficiency of No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a real life fight situation made it become an essential part of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).Our No-Gi classes are run to maximise your learning in the shortest amount of time.

After a short warm up you will learn highly effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques in easy to understand step-by-step instructions. After this you can test your new skills in a sparring session and refine your techniques and ability. All No-Gi classes are supervised by a qualified instructor.

No aggressive or unsportsmanlike behaviour is tolerated, a friendly environment is maintained throughout the session.

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