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ARTARMON Timetable



This program is suitable for the person without any previous experience and physical ability to the seasoned practitioner looking for fine tune technical details. The classes are designed to demonstrate the Jiu Jitsu techniques and concepts in a family and safe environment. The Foundation Program takes 12 weeks, where you will learn how to defend yourself, improve your overall fitness, develop self confidence and discipline and create new friendships. This program consists of 45 minute classes without sparring – rather than having an opponent you will have a training partner that will assist and support you throughout your jiu jitsu journey.


From toddlers to teens, our kids program are perfect to help kids developing coordination, Self-Defence, anti-bullying, values, work as a group and the skills of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while building their Self-Confidence. 45 min classes
divided by age group and skill level.

NO GI program

20 weeks Program designed for both, those who have some experience in Jiu-Jitsu and for the ones that are wanting to try it for the first time. Consisting of isolated weeks that do connect logically, the classes are 45min long without sparring with a 15min optional rolling time in the end.

This Program is perfect to change your lifestyle. You will gain self confidence as well as build your awareness and prevention. Improve your physical skills, stress reduction. Also an amazing opportunity to join a community for new social interaction and life skills. These classes go for 30min.

This program was developed for the practitioner to understand the connections learned on the Foundation Program developing and effectively applying new techniques, into the Beginners Program. 1hr classes with sparring.


This Program developed for people that already have experience in Jiu Jitsu. Drills and techniques are more advanced and longer sparring sessions. A mix of the old school Jiu Jitsu with the modern game. 1.5hr classes and you must be a white belt with 4 stripes and above to participate.

Thought of starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but are unsure if you would like this Martial Art?

Come train with us for free. Without obligation, no pressure!! We are near you in Artarmon

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